Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb (Writer) and Jim Lee (Illustrator) 

Why do I think BATMAN: HUSH is the best Batman story ever written?

It is an intense thriller-mystery of action, intrigue, and deception penned by Jeph Loeb, famous for writing BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN and illustrated by the unmistakable Jim Lee, so if that doesn’t invite you in to read it nothing will!

But why else?

In this story, Batman sets out to discover the identity of a mysterious mastermind who is moving to take him down using the people in his life like chess pieces. A mysterious new nemesis who is using the Joker, Riddler, Ra’s al Ghul and the Dark Knight’s other enemies – and allies – as weapons against everyone’s favourite caped crusader.

As if that wasn’t enough…

Getting to see Jim Lee draw almost every character in Batman’s life is a massive plus.


Here it is.. Batman: HUSH is a love story. This book explores what would happen if the little boy who lost his parents in crime alley so many years ago dared to feel something other than a burning rage that changed his life and put him on this path of vengeance. This book ignites the relationship of Bruce and Selina…Batman and Catwoman. We, the reader, get to see how this affects Gotham’s brooding champion’s crime fighting and his mental state. There are so many books out there that have Batman’s tragic life taken through the ringer and let him defeat the villain with a hail of batarangs and the signature “I AM BATMAN!”, but this one pulls the audience into thinking a big looming question…why can’t Batman be happy? Giving the Dark knight detective a new side that audiences rarely see, his vulnerable human side – and THAT is what set’s it head and shoulders above all the rest.

If you haven’t read this masterpiece, you definitely need to give it a go. For the art, the story and the emotional insight into the stoic Batman. 


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